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The CANADIAN WILDLIFE BIOLOGY & MANAGEMENT is an open-access, online journal that is universally and freely accessible via the Internet in an easily readable and printable PDF format.

Amateur and professional naturalists, field biologists, wildlife managers, educators, conservationists and students are invited to submit their contributions on Canadian wildlife distribution, evolution, populations, habitats, predator-prey relations, food preferences, morphophysiology, disease physiology, parasites, behavior, genetics, morphology and taxonomy.

About the Editor

Gilbert Proulx is Director of Science at Alpha Wildlife Research & Management. He obtained a B. Sc. (Biology) from the University of Montreal, a M. Sc. (Biology), from the University of Quebec at Montreal and a Ph. D. (Zoology) from the University of Guelph.

He is a Certified Wildlife Biologist® of The Wildlife Society, a Registered Professional Biologist of the Association of Professional Biologists of British Columbia, and is the Chair of the international Martes Working Group (sables, martens and fishers).

Gilbert has been awarded the 1989 Nelson-Hooper Award (best technical presentation – with Morley W. Barrett) by the Western Section of The Wildlife Society, and the 2003 Prix Reconnaissance (Science) by the University of Quebec at Montreal. He has worked in most Canadian ecozones where he studied populations and habitats of ungulates, rodents and carnivores.

He has also tracked mammals in Africa, South America and Asia. Gilbert has published more than 115 scientific articles, 5 textbooks, and 8 field guides (species at risk). His main research interest focuses on mammals, particularly in forest and agriculture ecosystems, and on technology development, mainly on mammal trapping and detection methods.